Natural stone has it’s own unique markings.

It’s formation over thousands of years and it’s exposure to the elements are what causes these markings. This means that no two pieces of our natural stone are exactly the same. Colour, difference in shape and size of markings are some of the variances you may see.

It’s important to note that these variances are not flaws, but slight imperfections (as with any natural stone) which is what makes it so unique.

Colour Variations

It is important to note that natural stone has natural variances, no two pieces will be exactly the same.  If there are large variations please contact us immediately with photos. Do not attempt to install.  If variations are considered to be outside of the norm by us, replacements will be supplied but only if original stone is returned in it’s original state.

White Quartzite:
White Quartzite has undertones of Beige & Grey, it is not a flat white colour.  It also has streaks of Gold, Beige/brown and grey running through the stone.  This is a natural feature.  Please see White Quartzite for more info.

Grey Granite:
Grey Granite has white veining through it, this is a natural feature and not cracks in the stone.  Please see Grey Granite for more info.

Our Bluestone contains catpaw which are natural occurring holes and are not a defect. They range from small circles to long strips and are evident in approximately 20% of the product.  Please see Bluestone for more info.

Catpaw in Bluestone examples

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