Cobbles are favoured by designers and builders for their durability and for their unique, “old world” look

Our standard stock held at our yard are Chipped Basalt Cubes from Turkey.  These are loose individual cobbles between 90x110mm square and 40-60mm thick.  Priced at $85m² + GST.

Custom orders can be done for larger sized cobbles than our standard stock.  Once laid, a cobblestone driveway or path can remain stable and functional for as long as 100 years. Requiring little maintenance, cobbles are an excellent option to complete your home.

Available for custom order:
Other stone varieties (Bluestone, Black Granite, Grey Granite etc)
– Splitface, all other sides Sawn cut
– Sawn cut all sides
– Tumbled edges
– Mesh backed (brickbond pattern, antique pattern, fan pattern, straight set pattern etc)

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