Natural Stone Imports are importers of high quality natural stone pavers.

Our pavers are available in a variety of sizes. Finishes include flamed, sandblasted, sawn, honed or polished. Our naturally beautiful pavers bring a touch of style and elegance to your designer indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Our pavers are cut from blocks of natural stone. The material is extremely dense and hard wearing as well as being very scratch resistant. Depending on the finish, our pavers also offer superior slip resistance when compared to other materials. Natural stone is suited to both indoor and outdoor designs. You will find our pavers all over NZ, integrated everywhere from sunny outdoor patios and pool areas to modern kitchens and bathrooms. Our pavers are designed to ‘double up’ as modern cladding, bringing a clean, modern, contemporary look to any design. For some inspiration on what can be achieved with natural stone, you only have to hit the Internet. One of our favourite inspiration sites is Houzz.

Standard Stone Range:

  • Grey Granite
  • Black Granite
  • White Quartzite
  • Travertine – Classic
  • Travertine – Silver

Standard sizes:

Granite & Quartzite

  • 600x600x20mm
  • 1mx500x20mm


  • 610x406x30mm
  • French pattern, 30mm thick

Custom orders are welcome.  Paving can go up to 2mx1mx30mm (dependent on the stone type).

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