Natural Stone import high quality Natural Cut Bluestone Steppers

Cut directly from the Light Grey Bluestone boulder, (just like slices from a tomato) our natural cut steppers have a “yellow skin” and are organically shaped. Naturally beautiful and perfect for that minimalist, natural garden design.

Blend our Natural Cut Steppers with other natural materials such as pebbles, grass, bark, plants and grass to establish a unique, foliage rich design. These same ‘feature stones’ can be used with smaller Bluestone pieces to create unique crazy paving.  

Individual stones are also a great way of establishing a natural stone pathway on a budget. By spreading out your stonework over a larger area, you also spread your budget. For some amazing design ideas on how you can use your Natural Cut Bluestone Steppers, you simply have to spend some time online. One of our favourite inspiration sites is Houzz.

4-500mm diameter
6-700mm diameter
8-900mm diameter
Extra Large
1-1.2m diameter

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